Himalayan Salt Grinder


Himalayan Salt Grinder

Complete with Himalayan Salt.

Six colours to choose from (Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Black).


A Himalayan Salt Grinder makes a lovely addition to your Kitchen and you can choose a colour to suit your decor!  They are made from Glass and also include a bag of Himalayan Salt (refills available from Himalayan Wellbeing).


Himalayan Salt contains all the minerals and trace elements of which our bodies are made (84).  Natural Salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. Our Himalayan Edible Salt is 100% Natural, Organic and Chemical Free (no preservatives or additives).


Doctors and alternative therapists agree that Himalayan Salt is the cleanest salt available on the planet to deliver remarkable health benefits.  Himalayan Crystal Salt is pristine and natural.  It consists of the most perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the results of millions of years of compression under the Earth’s surface.


Himalayan Crystal Salt is suitable for those who require a low sodium diet or those who want to enhance their health with a healthier alternative rich in minerals.  Himalayan Salt and Mineral Water (Sole/Solay) can help detox the body and balance the body’s pH. A Himalayan Salt Grinder helps add these into your diet.


Mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, our salt is great for cooking, has a high mineral content and is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Here at Himalayan Wellbeing we are passionate about Himalayan Salt and its Benefits, and strive to bring the highest quality products to you for Your Wellness.


Size:  Height 13cm; Width 7cm.


Colours Available:  Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Black.


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Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Black

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