How Long do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

If your lamps are switched-on regularly and are not stored in a damp area, they will last forever, only needing a new light bulb at intervals.


How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan salt products create and release negatively charged ions into the air when the salt is warmed. This is very beneficial, as modern day pollution and electrical equipment /gadgets create and release positive ions into the air around us, which are potentially harmful to our health. By using a Himalayan Salt Lamp, this electrical ‘smog’ can be reduced. Find out more about the benefits of salt lamps here.


The Lamps are beautiful, where do they come from?

They are mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Each salt crystal lamp is chipped-out by hand and a hole bored in the base for the light. Read more about Himalayan salt here.


Does the Lamp need to be switched On to have effect?

You do need heat from the lamp or candle to enable the negative ions to circulate in the air. Once they have been switched off, they continue to work for up to 6-hours.


Are the Lamps safe?

Our power cords and bulbs are ASTA diamond marked and Electrical Test Certificates can be viewed. Candles do however come with a risk when naked flames are left unattended or they are near children.


What happens should my bulb ‘blow’?

15w replacement bulbs can be purchased from us or can be found in electrical stores, supermarkets, DIY stores etc.


Does the size of Lamp matter?

Lamps are sold by weight. The following chart recommends the weight of lamp to the size of your room;


Lamp Weight in Kg    Room Size in Square Feet

2-3Kg                                70 Square Feet

3-4Kg                                100 Square Feet

4-6Kg                                130 Square Feet

6-8Kg                                160 Square Feet

8-10Kg                              190 Square Feet

10-12Kg                             230 Square Feet

12-15Kg                             256 Square Feet