Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Dome


Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Dome.


Size:   Diameter 22.5cm;  Height 14cm (approx)

Weight: 3.5Kg approx.





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Our Himalayan Salt Products are mined from protected reserves deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountain Range, crystallised over 250 million years ago.  The salt remains untouched by pollutants and is the most natural form of salt available (100% natural, organic, chemical free, no additives, fragrances, colours or preservatives).   The salt is mined as large boulders, which are then sliced into slabs, blocks and plates.


Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Domes help to draw out toxins and impurities from the body.  The salt is antimicrobial, antiseptic, hypoallergenic and ionic.  The Foot/Hand Domes will not only detoxify the body, but will also soften your skin.  Their warmth helps relieve stress and promote relaxation after a long day.  They can also help with oedema.


Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Domes can offer many therapeutic benefits to both Feet and Hands.  Their uses are varied and can be customised to individual therapeutic and aesthetic practices such as Foot Detoxification, Reflexology, Manicures, Pedicures, Sports Therapy, Arthritic Hand Conditions, and many other ailments/conditions.


This unique device comes in two parts: a two inch thick dome of pure Himalayan Pink Salt and a hand-crafted wooden base, that both supports the salt dome and houses the light bulb.  It can be used at home or in a professional setting.



To Use:

Our Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Dome is ready to use and comes complete with a CE Certified power cord (UK mains) with an on/off switch along the cable and a 15w bulb. When the dome has warmed, place both feet (or hands) on top, in a position that suits. The warmth of the salt dome will cause your feet to sweat, allowing the salt to purify and cleanse. Toxins will be drawn out and minerals drawn in, thus decreasing unhealthy acidity.  This can also ease tiredness, aching and symptoms of stress caused by over-exertion.   The action of the salt will soften and gently exfoliate the skin.


It is recommended that you use your Foot/Hand Dome every day for at least 30-minutes.  To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.  Do not use any detergents or immerse in water.


Your Foot/Hand Dome ‘Lamp’ can be left ‘ON’ for as long as you like to obtain the many Health & Wellbeing benefits associated with using Himalayan Salt Lamps.


There are no known health risks associated with using Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Domes.


Caution!  The Lamps are electrical devices and should not be used in baths or near water.


NB:  to replace the bulb.  Turn the lamp OFF at the mains outlet. Unscrew the fitting from the metal collar – do not pull the cable. We recommend using a 15w ‘oven’ bulb (supplied), however, if a warmer heat is required on the Dome, a 25w oven bulb can be used.


A Lamp that is not ON will absorb moisture and humidity from the surrounding air and will become slightly damp, sweat or leak a little water.  If this happens, leave your lamp in strong sunlight to completely dry out, wipe gently with a cloth and turn the lamp back on.  As a precaution, if you are going away for a long period of time, we recommend you turn your lamp off, remove the power cord and bulb, and wrap the lamp tightly with cling-film or a plastic bag until you return to prevent it absorbing moisture.



Size:  Diameter 22.5cm; Height 14cm approx (approx)


Weight:  3.5Kg approx.


Please Note:  Our Himalayan Salt Foot/Hand Therapy Domes are hand-crafted and colouring can differ, though the quality is always constant.  No two Domes are the same.  Images are for illustration purposes only.



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