Himalayan Salt Cooking Block


Himalayan Salt Cooking Block


Size:  Length 30cm; Width 20cm; Height 5.25cm (approx)

(12″ x 8″ x 2.25″ approx).


Weight:  7Kg approx.

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For a very Natural way to season your food as it cooks, try Salt Block Cooking – the ancient art of grilling, searing, chilling and serving on a Salt Block.


Our Himalayan Salt Products are mined from protected reserves deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountain Range, crystallised over 250 million years ago.  The salt remains untouched by pollutants and is the most natural form of salt available (100% natural, organic, chemical free, no additives, fragrances, colours or preservatives).   The salt is mined as large boulders, which are then sliced into slabs, blocks and plates.


These hand-crafted Salt Blocks can be heated on a Gas Range, Electric Range (if cooking this way place the Salt Block on a trivet/metal ring to allow air to flow between) and Gas Grill/Barbecue.  They provide a complex and amazing salt flavour without being overbearing – hot stone cooking with a twist! They are easy to use and maintain and look quite sophisticated when you serve food on them!


Salt Blocks must be heated-up slowly.  15-Minutes on a low setting, followed by 15-minutes at low-medium setting and then medium-high for 15-minutes.  You will know when your Salt Block has reached the required temperature for cooking by splashing a few drops of water onto the salt.  If it is ready, the droplets will evaporate immediately.  The heating process is slightly more complicated than just turning-on the burner and cooking in a saucepan.  However, it is not difficult and with a little preparation, becomes a simple way to cook.  (A Salt Block that is not hot enough will over-salt and under-cook food).


Food that cooks fast is best!  Typically steak and thin cuts of meat work very well (chicken, duck or other poultry) as does all seafood (scallops, salmon, tuna, prawns etc.) and an array of vegetables.


Your Salt Block can also be placed in the freezer or refrigerator and used as a serving platter and you can even cure foods on it.


NB:  Salt Blocks are very dense and conduct heat efficiently but slowly.  This is why the block retains heat well and seasons food evenly.  However, they can crack if they are heated too quickly. Salt Blocks may also turn white in some areas when subjected to high temperatures.  This is normal.  As it cools, your Himalayan Salt Block will regain more of its original colouring. Be patient and follow the usage and care instructions that are with your Salt Block to get optimum life.


After use, allow your Salt Block to cool down before cleaning.  Salt is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean.  Do not use any detergents and as little water as possible.  Rub down with a brush and squeezed sponge to remove any residue and finally dry with a towel or kitchen paper.


Caution!  Please remember, care should be taken when handling your salt block during the heating and cooking process as it gets very hot.  Use good quality oven mitts.


Size:  Length 30cm; Width 20cm; Height 5.5cm approx (12″ x 8′ x 5.25″ approx)


Weight:  7Kg approx


Please Note:  Our Salt Blocks are hand-crafted and colouring can differ, though the quality is always constant.  No two Salt Blocks are the same.  Images are for illustration purposes only.



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