Safix Soap Rest (Soap Saver)


Safix Soap Rest (Soap Saver)


Made from Natural Coconut Fibre

(To prolong the life of your Soap Bar)

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Safix Soap Rest (Soap Saver) made from Natural Coconut Fibre.


The Safix Soap Rest is a unique ‘soap dish’ made from natural coconut fibre bound together with a non-toxic adhesive.  It can be used in the sink, bath or shower.  The Soap Rest allows water to drain away thus avoiding soap scum to accumulate.  It will keep your soap dry in between uses and helps your soap bar to last longer.


Can be used with our Himalayan Salt Soap/Cleansing Bar (or any other soap bar to prolong its life).


Biodegradable & Compostable


Size:  2.75″ x 4″




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