Wooden Fire Basket Salt Lamp


Wooden Fire Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp ideal for any living space in the home or office.

Height: 20cm incl. rocks (approx), Width: 16cm (approx), Depth: 16cm (approx).

Weight 3.75Kg – 4Kg (approx).


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This beautiful Wooden Fire Basket Salt Lamp is crafted from rock salt mined in the foothills (or base) of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The salt crystal rocks are chipped-out by hand making each one totally unique. They are then loaded into a square wooden basket which houses a 15w light bulb in the base.  They are a wonderful feature in any home and give a beautiful warm glow.  Each basket comes with a CE certified power cord (UK mains) with an on/off switch along the cable.


Please note: Due to the nature of these lamps, size, shape and colouring can differ, though the quality is always constant. No two lamps are the same. Images are for illustration purposes only.


A Wooden Fire Basket Salt Lamp makes a wonderful addition to any home or office. They look beautiful when lit and create a lovely atmosphere in any room. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, meditation rooms, therapy rooms, waiting rooms etc.


Wooden Fire Basket Salt Lamp Dimensions: These have a height of 20cm inc. rocks (approx), width 16cm (approx), depth 16cm (approx) and weigh 3.75Kg – 4Kg (approx).

Reasons/Health Benefits to having a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • To Clean & Deodorise the Air
  • Relieves Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
  • Enhances Sleeping
  • Relieves Cough
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Improved Mood & Concentration
  • Alleviates Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Neutralises Electromagnetic Radiation (released from electronics/gadgets
    in the home/office)
  • Environment Safe: 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt; Sustainable Wooden
    Base (Neem); Low-Wattage Bulb
  • Stylish Lamps that provide a Glowing & Soothing Light – Attractive in any Room



Our salt lamps are intended for indoor use only. We do not recommend using them anywhere in the home where there are large amounts of moisture ie. bathrooms, window sills etc.


It is advisable to place your lamp on a plate or mat to avoid leaving marks on your furniture.


It is recommended that you leave the lamp on continuously when someone is at home to get the maximum benefit from your lamp.


Occasionally, it is recommended that you turn off and unplug your salt lamp for an hour, let it cool and then gently rub with a damp cloth to clean trapped dust and particles. DO NOT wash or apply any cleaning products to your lamp.


A lamp that is NOT ON will absorb moisture and humidity from the surrounding air and will become slightly damp, sweat or leak a little water. If this happens, leave your lamp in strong sunlight to completely dry out, wipe gently with a cloth and turn the lamp back on. As a precaution, if you are going away for a long period of time, we recommend you turn your lamp off, remove the power cord and bulb, and wrap the lamp tightly with cling-film or a plastic bag until you return to prevent it absorbing moisture.


Warning: The lamps are electrical devices and should not be used in baths or near water.


NB: to replace the bulb. Turn the lamp OFF at the mains outlet. Unscrew the fitting from the metal collar – do not pull the cable. We recommend using a 15w E14 Pygmy ‘oven’ bulb.



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